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From crisis to success mode with medikit

The Innodentum dental clinic is a one-treatment clinic in Bochum and has been run by dentist M. Ferit Kiziler and clinic manager Juliane Hoffmann since 2019. Find out how they defy the coronavirus and its effects, remain motivated and start optimistically into the future with medikit.

The Innodentum dental clinic is a one-treatment clinic in Bochum and has been run by dentist M. Ferit Kiziler and clinic manager Juliane Hoffmann since 2019. A team of seven works there for the well-being of the patients. Mr. Kiziler and Mrs. Hoffmann got to know each other as colleagues in another clinic and later made the decision to set up their own dental clinic together.

Das Innodentum Praxisteam

The best possible treatment of patients and care at the highest level was the primary goal of the clinic from the beginning. After some time, however, Ms. Hoffmann realized that the highly motivated colleagues and the modern equipment were missing something – a communication tool that can ensure the necessary structure, transparency and traceability of information. On the advice of an external practice consultancy, Ms. Hoffmann became aware of medikit.

In January 2020, Ms. Hoffmann knocked on the door of medikit with many expectations and was welcomed in its world in the form of an online presentation by Dr. Johannes Gebauer, Head of Sales at medikit, was introduced. It quickly became clear that the medikit team knew what they were talking about, as Dr. Gebauer himself is at the forefront in the management of the family dental clinic. “I was already enthusiastic about Mr. Gebauer during the demonstration and felt ten aha-moments. My conclusion after the presentation was very clear: We need that too! ”Said Juliane Hoffmann. Said and done. The decision was quickly made to test medikit without obligation. The cloud-based software should bring Ms. Hoffmann closer to her goal:

We want to use autonomous employees who are able to organize and manage themselves.

Juliane Hoffmann Clinic Manager

So the test phase got started and Ms. Hoffmann and her team showed great commitment from day one.

This motivation has meanwhile been put to a tough test, because the dental clinic was also confronted with the Covid-19 crisis. However, the clinic quickly recognized that this obstacle could also result in opportunities. Therefore, the onboarding process was implemented rigorously and consistently with the medikit team.

In this time of crisis, communication challenges naturally arose. Ms. Hoffmann had a daily duty to provide her team with the innumerable updates from the dental industry in a structured form, quickly and transparently.

In the past, people used Whatsapp chats or sent emails that colleagues then had to read on their private accounts at home – it shouldn’t be like that. Now I compose the information as a news post and display the banner as a separate reference on the entry page. Everyone sees it immediately and you get feedback on who has read it and who has not.

Juliane Hoffmann Clinic Manager

The transparency that Ms. Hoffmann had wished for was extremely important during this challenging phase, as some of the colleagues were no longer able to keep their usual working hours. “The receptionist in particular, who is usually in the practice from early to late and doing checklists, needs support due to the shortened working hours in short-time work. In order to ensure that these checklists will continue to be processed, we have expanded the group of recipients to include other colleagues. In this way, the process and efficiency are guaranteed, even if these colleagues rarely or not at all do the tasks.”

For the motivated clinic manager, it was always important that the employees enjoy the software. They shouldn’t feel controlled and restricted, but rather their self-motivation should be strengthened. Ms. Hofmann sees the fact that medikit can be used on all mobile devices via the medikit app as a big plus: “Our trainees, who may not have been there very often during a treatment, can read the work instructions in the handbook on the bus and then again go through how, for example, the tray is to be prepared. “

medikit is now actively used by the entire team and the software is a positive support for all employees. “I work with the best team in the world. It was very well received, whether by the trainee or by our most experienced assistant, who has been in the job for over 20 years, “says Ms. Hoffmann, pleased about the acceptance of medikit in her team. She wanted to introduce a communication tool in the first few years of the dental clinic and not wait any longer:

It was important for us to create a base. When the company grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to convince maybe 20 employees to use a software, because at this point processes are probably very run-in.

Juliane Hoffmann Clinic Manager

Ms. Hoffmann is optimistic about the future with medikit. She is particularly looking forward to the elaboration of the handbook:

Our trainees can then finally make videos using the app and simply upload them to medikit. As a clinic manager, I can always track who has contributed which information to our common knowledge. Never again without medikit! It convinces me so much that I even long for a tool like this in my private life.

Juliane Hoffmann Clinic Manager

You can find the full interview with Juliane Hoffmann here:


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