medikit for
care service providers

The employee app for simplified internal communication for the nursing industry

medikit enables internal communication and collaboration within teams in the nursing industry. Daily work processes and standards can be displayed digitally and transparently. Not only does this allow teams to be more organized; it also improves the service quality that they provide.

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The digital platform for residential care


GDPR-compliant communication in real time with the whole team


Information management that is quick and possible from anywhere


Exchanging information easily via a centralized platform and from all devices


Working with checklists and in a standardized manner saves time


All connected via one platform

Quick and remote communication with the whole nursing team via smartphone or PC including push notifications.

Information exchange in real time

Important information or internal newsletters can be passed on quickly, even to those who are always on the move. This ensures that employees are constantly up-to-date.

Repairs & Walkthroughs

Efficient management of repair orders and walkthroughs and their transparent documentation are part of the daily work routine.

Digital checklists

Checklists for standardized procedures, such as a resident move-in, employee onboarding, cleaning procedures and much more.

Employee retention and motivation

Working efficiently and innovatively increases the job satisfaction of nurses. medikit strengthens team spirit and its digital tools ensure effective communication within the team.

More than 2,000 businesses work with this digital solution already

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medikit is more than an intranet

No matter if you’re part of the nursing team, the housekeeping staff or if you’re an external service provider: When it comes to residential and mobile nursing care, the entire team is rarely gathered in one spot. Nonetheless, the communication should be effective. medikit enables you to reach all team members via a centralized platform.

Optimized communication tool

Optimized communication

When it comes to long-term care, be it in-home care or residential care, nurses are always where they’re needed most. In the medikit app, the entire team is continuously connected. Messages are shared and day-to-day tasks are documented clearly. Ineffective and non-GDPR compliant communication via WhatsApp is now a thing of the past.

Improved Efficiency tool

Improved Efficiency

Working with digital and standardized checklists is time-saving. All employees receive information in real time and on every device. This enables everyone to work in an efficient and structurized manner.

Systematic Quality Management Tool

Systematic Quality Management

When it comes to care-related jobs, the well-being of the resident and the service quality are of upmost importance. This digital platform helps all employees to document all processes without using any paper and also ensures a dynamic knowledge management. The digital handbook is filled with manuals and standards of care; thanks to the mobile application, it’s available from anywhere and at any time.

medikit Screen

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medikit Collaboration

medikit Collaboration ensures smooth handovers and clear communication which, in turn, leads to satisfied employees and patients. Contact, delegate, follow up and stay connected: medikit offers its users a completely new and extensive organizational system.

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