medikit for pharmacies 

Efficient Collaboration and Communication in Teams

medikit is a digital communication platform, tailored to the specific requirements of pharmacies: be it to delegate tasks with clear deadlines, to gather important documents and information in a digital handbook or to ensure goal-oriented communication with the entire team – a unique app that enables efficiency and saving of time in the challenging everyday work of pharmacists. 

The Software for Pharmacies 

medikit communication


GDPR-compliant communication with the team

informationa medikit


Digital handbook serving as knowledge base and document storage

productivity medikit


Digital checklists for efficient processing of everyday activities


Available any time, any place via app on smartphone, tablet and PC

Practical application

Clear Communication 

medikit connects pharmacy teams and makes it possible to pass on information between part- and full-time employees as well as within chain pharmacies. 

Centralized Knowledge Management 

In the digital handbook, equipment manuals and other useful information can be accessed by all employees, and important documents, such as letters from the Pharmacists Association, can be stored on one centralized platform. 

Digital Checklists 

Digital checklists are a valuable feature when it comes to the processing of standard procedures, e.g., processing reimbursements, onboarding new employees or the cleaning of equipment. 

Effective Leadership 

The software for pharmacies enables pharmacy owners to be in close contact with their team, to delegate tasks easily and to have an overview of the work progress of the different ongoing processes within their business. 

Optimized Equipment Maintenance 

In case of defects, medikit makes it easy to contact the maintenance team and automatically sends them a reminder when the maintenance of equipment is due. 

Improved employee retention 

Next to professional communication, the software for pharmacies makes it possible for employees to share special moments from their workday and their private life with the entire team. 


To perfect your operational processes, like personnel planning and temperature controls, integrate other systems and programs to medikit. Automate your working day with these third-party service providers. 

Over 2,800 businesses are already using the digital solution 

These pharmacies are already happy medikit users.

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medikit is more than an intranet

No matter if pharmacy owner, pharmacist or commercial employee in the pharmaceutical sector – pharmacy teams are required to take care of over-the-counter sales and the consultation of clients and must, next to that, also keep track of all other tasks at hand. medikit strengthens team spirit and enables the management of know-how, tasks and communication – all on one centralized platform.  


Optimized Collaboration

No matter if it is an independent pharmacy or a chain pharmacy effective communication is the key to successful collaboration. medikit makes it possible to connect part- and full-time employees across different sites and to communicate information clearly. In addition to that, medikit enables employees to exchange work-related experiences but also anecdotes from their private lives easily via app on their smartphone, tablet or PC. Like this the workload of business owners is lightened, employees are empowered in their capabilities and team spirit is promoted.

informationa medikit

Central Knowledge Base

In the digital handbook employees can find all the information that is relevant for their day-today work. Moreover, it is the ideal place to archive documents from the legislator, e.g., circulars from the Pharmacists Association, and all documents concerning quality management. This way it can be guaranteed that legislative proposals are followed, and know-how is available for the entire team any time and regardless of location.

Systematic Quality Management Tool

Improved quality

Digital checklists make it possible to complete everyday tasks, such as the processing of reimbursements, in a structured and faultless manner. Tasks can be delegated to other employees directly from the pharmacy counter, and it is possible to add automatic reminders to tasks. The work progress can be tracked in real time within the system. Moreover, medikit is the ideal tool to exchange ideas about the further development of the company with the entire team. 

Product 1

medikit Collaboration

Smooth handovers, clear communication and satisfied colleagues and patients are guaranteed with medikit Collaboration. Contact, delegate, follow up and stay in touch. And this is only the beginning. medikit offers all users a completely new and all-round concept of organization. 

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