Stronger together

It’s all in the team work. Every employee plays a role to make a guest’s stay memorable and pleasant. However, more hands on deck often also means processes are more complex, and more error-prone. Digital tools to manage tasks, pool ideas and organize dates will help you keep your hotel shipshape.

Achieving goals as a team

Use case - Team Collaboration

Connect your team

Everyone knows that you never change a winning team. You can, however, send them a digital sidekick like hotelkit. These little helpers document tasks and include all hotel employees, even when they’re out and about in the hotel or have no access to a laptop. That spells team work!

hotelkit Tools Tasks

Smart to-do lists

Preparing breakfast, checking in guests or housekeeping – running a hotel will never get boring. The hotelkit Tasks and Checklists tools help you to keep all your hotel task ducks in a row. Check to see which tasks are still unfinished, see their intended completion date and who is working on them. Even handovers are easy.

The Novotel Breda uses


recurring tasks

to organize their jobs in a structured manner.

Digitized work processes make collaboration easier and more efficient for the whole team. Because of hotelkit we save a lot of time that can be used for something more meaningful.

Jesús Pastor
Jesús Pastor Owner | Sercotel Pintor El Greco
hotelkit Tools Polls

Yes, you can!

Motivate your employees to find solutions together. Be it the fresh wall colour in the lobby, the funky new room names or finding a date for the next staff party – some decisions are better made together. Democracy at its best in your hotel!

These hotels have already mastered their Team Collaboration with hotelkit.

Team Collaboration Tools

Achieve more with hotelkit and get the whole team working together smoothly.

Team Collaboration in the hotel

Your employees belong to different departments, are on different floors, work different shifts. They are rarely all in one place. With hotelkit they can be. Ditch the walkie-talkies and handover books because the hotelkit Team Collaboration tools bring the team together on one single platform. This encourages collaboration and innovative thinking and makes processes run smoothly.
Joint brainstorming sessions and surveys, for example, show all employees that their opinions count. Digital platforms are perfect for this purpose, as they allow all employees to network and connect with each other. Team Collaboration lets you complete tasks quickly and efficiently and gives you and your team more time to invest into creating an excellent guest experience.

Success Stories

We could tell you lots of those, but we won’t. We like to let our deeds speak for themselves. These hotels once faced the same challenges as you. Find out how they solved them. With hotelkit!

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