About us

A while ago we realized that the challenges that clinics, hospitals, medical practices and geriatric care facilities face are very similar to those of hotels — especially when it comes to internal processes and employee communication. We know one thing with certainty: wherever there is a building that houses several people – whether voluntarily (hotels) or non-voluntarily (medical facilities) – they have to be taken care after. Transparent and fast communication, efficient processes and well networked teams guarantee a streamlined process that leads to excellent service for our customers. Regardless of whether they are guests or patients.

Dr. Johannes Gebauer, who comes from a family of dentists, was a good friend of Marius Donhauser, the founder of the hotelkit GmbH, ever since university. When his brother Max took over the dental office from his father, he started looking for efficient ways to work with new tools that had been developed since the time of his grandfather’s and father’s management. During a joint ski tour, Johannes and Marius discussed the challenges in the respective areas. When they realized that they were more alike than they thought, they decided to implement the hotel software in the dental office just to give it a try. It worked very well. Numerous medical institutions of all disciplines and sizes soon followed the example of Dr. Gebauer’s dentist’s – most of whom heard about medikit through word of mouth.

In 2019 we decided to become more active with medikit. We have convinced Dr. Johannes Gebauer, who at the time was already a member of the management of a dental clinic in Bavaria with 65 employees and a certified ISO auditor, to work with us. Today he is a crucial part of our team and advises the constantly growing medikit team.

The team

medikit ist a product of hotelkit GmbH.
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