medikit for hospitals and clinics

Effective Collaboration and Communication in teams

medikit connects teams on one centralized platform. Important information can be send at any time and regardless of location to all employees – even those who don’t have a fixed workplace or access to a PC. This guarantees efficient and clear communicative exchanges and is done very easily via the app. 

medikit for hospitals

The digital platform for hospitals

medikit communication


GDPR-compliant communication with the entire team

informationa medikit


Location-independent access to all important information



One centralized platform connects entire team

productivity medikit


Time-saving checklists ensure standardized workflows

Practical application 

Clear Communication 

medikit connects employees across all disciplines on one centralized platform and enables GDPR-compliant communication within the hospital. 

Centralized Knowledge Management 

The available know-how is stored in the digital handbook and is accessible at any time. This guarantees a standardized information level across all hospitals and hospital associations. 

Efficient Team Organization 

The clearly structured calendar enables the efficient coordination of shared appointments as well as the planning of meetings and trainings. 

Employee retention 

Making know-how available and easy to access enables new employees to navigate their way around the workplace and encourages them to work independently. 

Location-independent Accessibility 

No matter if tablet, smartphone or PC: medikit can be accessed via any device and is perfect for the busy day-to-day work in healthcare. 

More than 2,800 businesses work with this digital solution already

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medikit is more than an intranet 

No matter if it is a registered nurse, a consultant or an external service provider – in hospitals there is little to no time for information exchanges with the team. The information flow, however, does not have to be affected by this: With medikit you can reach all your colleagues on one centralized platform. 


Optimized Collaboration

Collaboration in hospitals is based on effective and efficient communication between doctors, nurses and the administrative staff. medikit connects the entire team on one centralized platform and can be accessed from any device, which allows for location-independent exchanges between employees. 

informationa medikit

Centralized Knowledge Management

Doctors and nurses would like to have the relevant information for their daily work always at hand. With medikit standard operating procedures, protocols, emergency contact lists and much more are available directly via the app on any device. This way healthcare teams have the required information at their fingertips whenever they need it. 

productivity medikit

Improved quality

Standardized work processes guarantee structured workflows and the efficient processing of tasks. The digital checklists in medikit enable a clear and digital depiction of all tasks and subtasks related to the nightly walkthrough, the control of emergency medical kits and rules of conduct in the OR. Digital checklists do not only ensure that tasks are carried out thoroughly, but they also minimize the use of paper. 

Product 1

medikit Collaboration

Smooth handovers, clear communication and satisfied colleagues and patients are guaranteed with medikit Collaboration. Contact, delegate, follow up and stay in touch. And this is only the beginning. medikit offers all users a completely new and all-round concept of organization. 

Product 2

medikit Housekeeping

medikit Housekeeping ensures efficient and user-friendly organization of healthcare workflows at the push of a button. Digitalize all work processes, such as cleaning and quality assurance, and track the statuses of cleanings and inspections in real time. Respond to spontaneous changes and automatic adaptations of workflows with just a few clicks – no additional messaging needed! 

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